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If you or someone else is suicidal or having thoughts of harming others, please Call 911 or 988, or seek help at the nearest hospital emergency room.

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Your journey to improved mental health is unique and especially urgent during difficult times. Access a therapist who can understand your immediate needs, listen with empathy, and help guide you on a personalized path to healing.

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Urgent mental health needs can arise at any time. On-demand licensed therapists are available 24/7 for immediate access.

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All conversations are secure and strictly confidential. You can even connect anonymously.

Local Emergency Resources

Immediate access to local mental health resources for support and assistance during emergency situations.

About ListenRing


ListenRing strives to break down barriers and ensure that everyone has access to high-quality mental health care when they need it the most.


We envision a society where individuals from all walks of life have easy access to qualified mental health professionals and where seeking help for mental well-being is destigmatized and encouraged. Our vision extends beyond connecting individuals with therapists. We aspire to be a catalyst for change in the broader mental health landscape.

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